I looked at the Kingswear photos and tried to fit them into a time scale. The closer I looked the more detail I picked out. Then I arranged them in an order. I saw three three distinct periods. The first at the station; then the boat moved upstream; then finally back at the station, slightly different in appearance.

Above left, she is at Kingswear Station. Compton is the outside boat. Her tall funnel shows up because her wheel house has gone . Her hull and paddle covers are dark too, the original colour. Perhaps this was the first photo Harry took, and he stayed leaning on this wall for some time dreaming. Or maybe he had just bought her. I can see over the river in Dartmouth the tower of St Saviours church where Newcomen was christened. Dominic Robb is probably sitting on a bench there.

I thought back to that day he had been sitting in Dartmouth when he met Captain Steer and they had looked at the forlorn sight opposite of Compton Castle. Then a few days later Robb had been there again, and the boat had gone, but where?

So she had been moved up river and is being painted. Her new wheel house is in place. Itís easy to see why Dominic Robb thought she had disappeared. The quayside at Dartmouth is some way off now.