The old passenger paddle steamer Compton Castle may one day be seen again at work on the River Dart. That's the fervent hope of Arthur Clayton, owner of the 66 year old vessel at present laid up at Looe.
But it will be sometime before his wish can come true.
"Lack of the time and a shortage of hard cash are holding up the refit,” said Mr Clayton.
The Compton Castle has been on a slipway, at the West Looe boat builders Frank Curtis and Pape Bros. since Mr Clayton bought her two years ago.
"She looks in a sad state-rusty and tatty-but the engine is in good condition. We have done a fair amount of work to her, but about £20,000 in raw materials is needed and it will really take three men two years to do the work," said Mr Clayton.
He added that he was doing the work along with his sons Michael and Robert. But both of them are at sea it the moment and Mr Clayton is kept busy as a local publican and an engineer with a foreign shipping company. Nothing has been done to the vessel for sometime and nothing will be until money is available.

Mr Clayton hinted that he would be prepared to enter into a partnership or even sell the Castle, and he is open to offers.
He said the vessel had permission to go back on the Dart subject to her getting a Board of Trade ticket
The Compton Castle's life at Looe has been quieter than her previous 13 years tied up at Kingsbridge Quay where she was used as a floating restaurant.
During her last four years there she was the centre of a controversy between South Hams District Council and her former owners.
The council wanted her removed from the estuary for safety reasons .