Thank you again Jean for sending me all these newspaper cuttings.

I recall our chat on the phone, a couple or so years ago.

"That boat stayed very special to him. You can tell that from all the cuttings he kept. Mind you, I could never understand how he came to see so much in the boat."

" I can understand; that day in Truro garlanded in flowers. It was unforgetable,” I replied.

" My first memory, of course, was very different; a trip to Totnes and back.”

"With Christopher Robin?”

"Ah, yes. And the swan. Happy memories. By the way, I thought you might like to see the enclosed photos taken in, or should I say on, Ziggy's Bistro at Truro.


" Compton Castle's new name.”

"What about her name on the prow?”

"That's gone; and all the scroll work. I felt I had to make this trip and be aboard Compton again, for Dom's sake. It would have been our 30th wedding anniversary. See the swans again. It was an odd visit. Mind you the time before was awful; that was in 1984 for Dominic's 70th birthday just before it closed as a restaurant. It was only then he found out the engine had been removed. It broke his heart. "