West Briton Argus April 29th 1982

Facelift for paddle boat

The paddle steamer Compton Castle arrived in Truro from Looe this week, towed up-river to Town Quay by a tug. In a couple of weeks she will be moved to her permanent location at nearby Lemon Quay for use as a floating restaurant.

The 114ft steamer, yet to be converted, currently looks a sorry sight, her 70 years clearly showing in rotten timbers and a rusty deck. But by the end of August, Mr. David Worlledge, the man behind the scheme to convert the vessel into an 80-seater restaurant, hopes to have the transformation complete and the floating restaurant open.

"Mock paddles will be replaced on the side of the ship," said Hr. Worlledge. "Along with the refitting of the original paddle casing and funnel, she will also be painted blue and will look very smart"

On Monday, a Government inspector passed the ship for safety. Mr. Worlledge said that there was not a single leak during the journey from Looe.

" She can float in just 18 inches of water," he said, " so there will be no trouble in getting her under the bridge to her new location."