Exactly 25 years ago, at 6. 30 a.m., P. S. Compton Castle was first floated to this spot, under the steady eye of Mike Williams, who recalled;

"So she's one side of the bridge, and she's got to come afloat, as light as possible and then she's got to be pulled under the bridge and be clear of the bridge before she can catch against the underside. So what we did was calculate what time we had and we chose a neap tide when there is the least difference between high and low water. We calculated when she would come afloat then I worked out we had approximately 14 minutes to get her from one side of the bridge to the other, but we obviously didn't worry the County Council who own the bridge too much, because they might have said,' no way it's not going to happen.' But I was quite certain 14 minutes was long enough to actually do it."

May 14th 2007 Celebrating 25 years at Lemon Quay